Types of Epoxy coating and flooring

Types of Epoxy coating and flooringEpoxy

When it comes to industrial flooring (epoxy) , there is a great function for review :

From the material to the process of its production and its implementation.

What kind of material is the best choice for your needs and your business is a great question.

For better choices, it’s important to know the type of flooring material and advantages and disadvantages of any flooring to make the best choice. Behind any good flooring a sturdy and well-finished foundation is always considered for the floor. An essential part of the product quality is to ensure that the flooring material after a run can be long lasting, high quality and suitable for your purpose. The selection of a reputable and experienced company in the production and implementation for any type of flooring is very important.

Epoxy flooring and coating

The epoxy products we use in our projects relate to Resiplast Belgium. Epoxy flooring company Resiplast Belgium (Concrete and Steel Co. as an exclusive agent in Iran and Armenia) is an integrated fluid of epoxy resin with a thickness of 500 to 700 microns, with a desired and superficial layer of glass.

Epoxy flooring and coating is obtained from the mixing of epoxy resins and polyamine hardeners.

The resulting polymerized cover structure is stable due to the lack of solvent application after drying, and there is no reduction in properties or thickness, which is referred to as “solvent free”.

The high chemical integrity and strength of the coating and flooring has resulted in a widespread application of this coating in various industries.


Resiplast epoxy flooring and coating features

1. It is integrated in a variety of colors (depending on the employer’s taste).

2. Increase the strength of concrete against erosion, degradation and most chemicals

3. Absolutely does not absorb water and prevent the penetration of water, oil and other liquids into concrete.

4. Lightweight and compact, preventing any kind of dust.

5. Ultra durable and life-long (at least 50 years of useful life for Resiplast products)Epoxy

6. Anti-acid, anti-static, anti-scratch and anti-slip

7. High chemical resistance against all types of solvents and acids

8. High mechanical strength

9. Corrosion resistant

10. Resistant to temperature changes

11. Good adhesion to the surfaces

12. Easy cleaning and ease of washing

13. Resiplast’s epoxy flooring and coating is applied on a variety of surfaces, including cement, mosaics and stones, etc. But the best result is achieved on completely flat cement.

14. Usually, at normal temperature, the epoxy flooring will dry after 24 hours, but it is recommended not to travel for up to 3 days before it reaches the level of damage.

15. Respiplast epoxy has no effect on the growth of bacteria and can easily be removed from dirt, dust and rubble, and thus the most sanitary option among all types of flooring.

16. Attractive and elegant: high shine and a variety of colors, applicable in a variety of designs and adding decorative additive to the work environment.

17. Tolerating High Traffic Effects: Resiplast’s epoxy system with a variety of colors and designs for defining safety zones, foot traffic areas, forklift trucks and work areas, as well as reducing Abrasion in transport vehicles, cause rapid movement of materials. This will increase productivity.

18. Eco-friendly: Resiplast Epoxy Resin is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly building material. For companies interested in the environment it can be a great choice.

19. At the floor of the clinics and hospitals, a community of bacteria and germs and other contaminants Resiplast Epoxy Resin is the best choice for the selection, anti-bacterial flooring and coating that makes the floor free from contamination.

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