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About Us

Behsazan Beton va Folad was established in 1998 and from the beginning has been trying to innovate and
incorporate new technologies in the building industry.


Over the years, based on the experience of staff and managers, our goal is to align with global technology.


With technical support and high quality world materials, company has the ability to carry out a variety of
specific projects.


Types of Epoxy coating and flooring

When it comes to industrial flooring, there is a great function for review: From the material to the process of its production and its implementation. What kind of material is the best choice for your needs and your business is a great question…

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Water proofing (dam, tunnel and reservoir)

The smooth and glossy surfaces are our flooring feature.


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Improvement of structures (industrial and construction)

All our products have the required standards and are not harmful to the environment.


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AGENCIES of resiplast

With more than 50 years of experience, Resiplast is currently an established market leader in the manufacture and development of synthetic resins for the construction industry.

Since it was founded in 1966, Resiplast has developed a large number of synthetic resin systems for diverse industrial applications.

Resiplast product range of synthetic resin systems are made of high-quality epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate.

Resiplast one of product our AGENCIES.


De Neef

AGENCIES of De neef

De Neef, a division of GCP Applied Technologies, is a global leader in underground leak sealing, water blocking and soil stabilization solutions.

Product innovation and applied knowledge for solving highly complex problems in the most challenging situations for more than 35 years,

De Neef puts construction back on track fast and provides customers lasting peace of mind.


De Neef one of product our AGENCIES.



AGENCIES of spetec

Spetec roots go back more than 35 years, when chemical grout injection technology was still in full development. As one of the pioneers in the industry, Spetec developed and improved its chemical grout technology over the last 3 decades.

Spetec offers high-quality products for the civil engineering to stabilize soils, rock and seal water ingress in all types of structures.

Spetec injection resins are mainly used in the waterproofing of below-grade structures such as tunnels, metro stations, dams, basements and in the condition of soils for waterproofing, chemical containment, coagulation and strengthening.

And this company product is our AGENCIES.




The story of Larius, started in 1969 in Italy, is one of continuous innovation. A specialized company, a leading manufacturer of systems for industrial painting, extrusion of viscous products and the transfer of liquids and fluids.

Larius is considered an ambassador of Made in Italy products, and has been an international standard for operators in the sector for nearly 50 years.

Larius machinery is strictly tested and inspected to ensure maximum uptime and yield according to the selected operating mode.

This company goal is to allow the user to do more work in less time.

thanks to the constant operation of our systems, product savings, the ability of machines to work in extreme conditions in small and large work spaces, and ease of use and maintenance.


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